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Reams Of Special Stuff was born after spending hundreds of voluntary hours to set up a support network for families affected by diagnosis, other losses and bereavement.


Having personally experienced the life changing diagnosis and subsequent death of my son Ross at the age of 3 yrs; I can understand how devastating life can sometimes be and know some of the things that can help at some of the unimaginable times.


My passion to help families who begin the whirlwind of emotions caused by the devastating journey of bereavement combined with my personal experience and new found skills (Macmillan Cancer Support Certificate, Working with Grief in Children and Cruse Awareness in Bereavement Care) have brought me to offer a range of gifts and strategies to aid grief in children, young people and adults.


All is empathetically priced as it is more my intention to put things in place to make things that are already very difficult, that little bit easier  ...


Having still, a very large part to play in my voluntary work I am aware that there are boundaries to be maintained.   


Please join us on facebook or browse this site for more information about my shop and the range of sellers.

Please also remember that Reams of Special Stuff is also about special occasions too and browse our relevant pages as they progress.