Donna Nevill Childminding Services ~ Ofsted Registration No: EY561944


Introduction - updated April 2023

My name is Donna aged 51. I am an experienced Registered Childminder and mum of 6. Age ranges from 8 to 30 years old. I live in Tilgate with my son aged 17 and my daughter aged 8, the others have flown the nest.
It’s here that I mention Ross died at the age of 3 in 2005 after his 3rd open heart surgery. This experience has been a life changer and will continue to be, taking our family on unimaginable pathways but new learning. As a mum I have survived with knowledge, qualities and skills others may not have.
Since then our family have other stories to tell that I will share in full with you when you first make contact as one quality I hold my head up high with is how from the onset and you will have my full honesty. Families are either scared away or value this and it forms the basis of a fully trusting partnership as I care for your most precious beings.

ABOUT ME! I left school in 1988 and passed a HNC in Mechanical Engineering in 1993. In 1996 I registered as a Childminder until 2011 when I madly set on a new business venture of opening a shop and subsequently trained to do Massage
and other Holistic & Beauty Treatments. I now make artisan soaps and other Bath & Body products, and offer all these from home around my childcare business.
I re-registered with Ofsted in December 2018 (EY561944) and am insured with and hold the correct business car insurance.
I have a level 3 qualification in Childminding Practice, regularly update training and am currently studying a level 4 Qualification in Adolescent Mental Health Coaching. My experience of being a parent for 30 years and 19 cumulative years of caring for other people’s children I believe I have the correct foundations, core values and morals to care for all ages. Much of my setting is working towards emotional awareness and support.

As required by the EYFS, I hold
a current Paediatric First Aid certificate, (attended 01/23 which is valid for 3 years),  
Valid DBS which is also on the update service,
Level 3 Child Protection, Food Hygiene, and many other CPD courses that can be seen in my welcome pack.
“I self evaluate on a regular basis; I love what I do hence coming back to this line of work. I have a very positive and professional outlook to any work I undertake and my best quality is  my honesty and how I enjoy helping others.
My base is a cosy, adventurous home where I rotate between using the lounge, conservatory space and back garden.
I meet COVID guidelines and regularly clean/sanitise and frequently move equipment around. I have a long garden with a log cabin at the rear. I love vintage decor so my  taste may not be your choice but, all areas fit for purpose and easy to keep clean. All I offer has been well thought through”.
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Age and stage appropriate learning resources are accessible at all times; indoor & outdoor equipment, messy play, arts & crafts

Different types of Childcare and the Legal Requirements
Many are not aware of the rules around working with children and how  they are part of a legal framework. This means that in extreme cases we could be prosecuted if we do not adhere or meet the requirements.
Be assured that we work closely with OFSTED who monitor all that is necessary; such as when someone in the household reaches 16 years old who then must be DBS checked.

Childcare that is “exempt from registering” includes Nannies, those caring for children for up to 2 hours a day or those caring for children over the age of 8 years.

Areas of Learning and Development, Assessment and the Safety and Welfare of Children are all considered within the framework.
I take my role very seriously and share the documents below that outline the requirements for families to peruse:
Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
The Common Inspection Framework, Early Years Inspection Handbook
Inspecting Safeguarding In Early Year
Conducting Childcare Register inspections

The best way to contact me is by text or wattsapp 07828635297

Please read My Terms on the next page.