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At this time you may be feeling a range of different emotions including shock, denial, confusion or more.

On top of all of those feelings you now have to find the strength to get through a funeral, one that you may have to plan alone or with someone close to help you, you may only feel comfortable to plan everything yourself or you may have had time to discuss what the persons wishes were before hand.


Whatever the situation is I am here to help you to make the right decisions for your family and to offer any support you need to do what feels right and not necessarily what you think is expected of you.


I can provide some traditional items such as wreaths but not every funeral has to follow tradition. Many now ask for donations to a charity and more now use different caskets such as cardboard coffins and burial sites that are more natural.   

A unique touch to a funeral may be to offer wrapped bulbs so that instead of flowers that will be left behind you hand out tributes to friends and family that will offer colour and bloom in the future offering comfort and times to remember the good as well as the difficult days.

I can consider making anything to your requirements and can help with basic design work to go onto cardboard coffins if you prefer environmentally friendly coffins with a personal touch.

My fees for this service are low in the hope to reach out to those who want something personal but do not know how to go about it.

Please contact me to ask any questions you may have.

~ Cross wreaths

~ Heart Wreaths

~ Casket Wreaths

~ Pillow Wreaths

~ Other Wreaths

~ Rings & Posies