Donna Nevill Childminding Services ~ Ofsted Registration No: EY561944



There is an expectation from the Government that self employed workers run a business that is viable which includes minimum hours and wage.  During Covid this expectation was waived but, this is what has now forced to re-think my terms.

Ironically, FE funded spaces do not cover a settings actual fee, yet alone minimum wage and so in taking FE there are some downsides. While I do not discriminate I do have to think about meeting the needs of all the children currently in my care before accepting the universal government funded places. If I take on free entitlement, as with many other settings, I may ask a contribution towards consumables or set conditions such as needing to take a set amount of hours. Please see my Admission policy for FE which can used the term after the birthday and be as follows


ADHOC Childcare

I am one of the few childcare settings that will even consider ADHOC care and I do this because I like to offer something that really helps families as my drive is not in earning the maximum wage that I can. However, there are disadvantages in providing ADHOC Care that I ask you to consider so that you understand the terms.


REGULAR Childcare - min 5 hour session

Normal working hours are between 8.00am and 6.00pm                         £6.50 p/hr

Unsociable hours are before 8.00am and after 6.00pm                          £10.00 p/hr
ADHOC Childcare - min 4 hour session - EYFS – under 5 year olds

Normal working hours are between 8.00am and 6.00pm                          £7.50 p/hr

Unsociable hours are before 8.00am and after 6.00pm                                  £10.00 p/hr
Before and after School Childcare - Over 5 year olds

Regular care - min 2 hrs - 2 sessions per week                                   £6.50 p/hr

ADHOC care - min 2 hrs - 1 session per week                                      £7.50 p/hr 

Random/Late notice care  - min 2 hrs - less than 7 days notice           £10.00 p/hr

Weekends & Bank Holidays                                                            £11.50 p/hr
All current contracts state pay should be in advance and that cancellations charged.
Babysitting after 7pm
I am considering registering with sitters
Sitters provide care in your home from a list of local Childcarers such as Nannies and Registered Childminders. All Childminders are DBS checked, Nannies may not be and they charge a minimum of 3 hours per booking @ £11.25  between the hours of 6pm and 10pm, Sunday to Friday plus a registration and booking fee.
I cannot guarantee being available to come to your home, if I did I may have my own 8 year old but I am happy to consider this.
I may be able to offer babysitting in my own home but could not offer drop offs.
I would charge as per sitters; by booking with me directly, based on the above example, you would save the £4 booking fee and a 3 monthly registration fee of £14.95.
I may consider reducing the minimum booking time to 2 hours.
Payment is made in cash on the day
Other financial CHILDCARE help
I accept Tax Free Childcare and its y understanding that you search me on your portal by my registration number to make a payment (EY561944)
I am now registered to accept FE, please see new Admission policy
To see if you are eligible for any childcare help please visit
What is Provided
I provide all that is needed but ask you provide nappies and creams. Food can be provided by yourself but please bare in mind I have a child in my care with peanut allergy.
My fees are for the place and not what else is provided.
Fees & Funding Explained (updated terms dated April 2023)
A lot of research and consideration from different perspectives has been given, in setting my new fees as I aim to meet your childcare needs in the best way I can.
Pay is not the most important part of my work, but reality is that my business must be viable to be allowed to continue.

I hope you value and understand that I frequently take into consideration both our families circumstances, but our contract must set the ground rules and basis for our partnership to begin.
My research summarised
normal childcare working hours are between 8am and 6pm
Some suggest that it is in the best interests of your child for them to attend for minimum of two sessions per week which could be for as little as a 3 hour session
Fees range from £7.73 and £10.30 per hour
Ÿ offer care for £12.00 per hour
A Nanny works from your own home, must be employed and receive holiday pay and pay must be at least minimum wage that @ April 2023 is £10.42