My Terms and Conditions of Childcare
The EYFS is a legal document containing the requirements that Early Years Providers must adhere to.

Settling in Policy
It can be difficult for parents to leave their child, therefore, Its important to me that you are happy with the care that I provide. Where possible I like to organise settling in sessions for the parents and child. Wworking in partnership will ensure your child is as settled as possible.
Some children settle quickly and others can become distressed. I will work with you through this transition period so that you and your child are relaxed and happy in my home. Working in partnership will continue to be an important part of our contract and so I urge you to communicate honestly from the beginning.
Some parents find it helpful to call me during the day to find out how their child is. I am happy to take your calls, but as I may be caring for a number of children I prefer if we can agree to text or whattsapp.

Child Record Forms
If settling in hasn’t been possible then prior to your child’s start date I must have completed child record forms. In summary these include written information on emergency contact numbers, dietary requirements, special health requirements, info about who has legal contact of the child and who has parental responsibility, parental permission to seek emergency medical advice, starting date and number of sessions per week, illness and vaccinations, consent for photography for monitoring, advertising and evaluating, consent to take part in off site activities.

Opening Times, Fees & other charges
The hours of work are negotiable however the rates include everything needed; snacks, meals, activities; so you will never be asked for any additional money.

Childminding - £5.00 per hour per child for normal hours. Unsociable hours are £8.00 per hour at my discretion. I charge a minimum of 4 hours per week, 2 hour sessions after school and 4 hours during the day. I am happy to discuss extenuating circumstances, sibling discounts may apply.

Emergency/occasional childminding - £5.00 per hour for a minimum of 4 hours.

Collecting your child or dropping them home is normally £3.00 each way towards the cost of travel and additional time by previous arrangement. This will only be charged if discussed.

Regular lateness may be charged for to the nearest half hour, the odd 10 minutes here and there is waived but frequent lateness will be invoiced

In brief; if you cancel I still charge but if I cancel there is no charge as you will have to find alternative care (on such occasions I can offer alternative details of childminders who we meet up with regularly).
Most people have employment rights (I am happy to discuss individual familys circumstances if this is different) and its with that in mind that I write my terms regarding cancellations.
Once a contract is in place you have my full commitment to care for your child as agreed and the space (explained in the adult/child ratios) is reserved until further notice.  
I go above and beyond on many occasions and often keep children longer for no additional charge when our initial contract is working well. I hope you will appreciate these gestures and agree a good working relationship is paramount and is made up of give and take.

Healthy Eating
You can provide lunch if you wish but as the children eat together I have learnt that generally they prefer to eat the same. I’ve found that it also helps encourage them to eat it. You are welcome to make an occasional contribution of food to share so that your child has something familiar and that the children have variety and maybe food from different cultures or tastes to try. Please see healthy eating policy/ special dietary needs may incur a slight fee. Allergy information will be made clear to all families.

Travel in car
I use a 9 seater Vauxhall Vivaro minibus fully insured for business use as a childminder. For your reassurance it is equipped with 2 isofix points and I have the car seats listed below.
Car seat Law states that children should use an appropriate car seat until they are 12 years old or 135 centimetres tall, whichever comes first. You can choose carseats based on height or weight;  ‘i-Size’ seats must be rear-facing until your child is over 15 months old and weight-based seats as below

Dropping Off and Collection Policy
If you do not have transport it may be that I can collect or drop your child home to make it easier for you than using public transport. In this case there would be an agreed fee of £3.00 each way towards fuel and my extra time.

Dropping Off  - Please let me know in advance if you think you may arrive at a different time from the contracted one. If you arrive unexpectedly early I may not be ready to care for your child. On arrival children will be recorded in the attendance register for safety.
Collection - I will only release your child from my care to adults who you have given written permission to collect them. I will therefore, need you to provide me with a list of people authorised to collect. If there is an emergency or the person is not known to me, we will agree on a password.
Delays can occur and so to avoid children being distressed at collection time I ask where possible to let me know in advance or message me if the time is likely to change. I’m happy for you to send a message when you leave so we can better plan arrival time.  
If you are late and I have not heard from you I will try and make contact. If I am unable to get hold of you I will be required to attempt to contact the emergency numbers provided. If I am still unable  to make contact with anyone I am expected to contact Social Services and follow their advice.
I reserve the right to make an additional charge for late collection but am flexible where possible.

Payment/Late Payment Policy
Payment is preferred a week in advance although I am happy to discuss this. Any debts will be expected to be paid in full when the contract ends. I keep a spreadsheet to keep track of actual hours charged for and the amounts paid. Should you end a contract through no fault of my own and be in *credit monies will not be refunded. (*you may be in credit if we have calculated a regular fee to cover a change of hours during term time/half term).
Late payments may incur a fee; being self employed I already waive holiday and sick pay, so please do not let it get to the stage where a late payment causes bad feeling because I have incurred charges that I may then have to pass onto you.
If you have had a change in personal circumstances and are now struggling to make payments, please let me know so we can make suitable arrangements. It may be that you are now entitled to additional funding through the Childcare element of the Working Tax Credit and other benefits.

Data Protection
To provide evidence of how I implement the EYFS it is imperative from the onset, that I keep various records about you and your child for safety to keep track and maintain a system of communication that is processed legally and fairly. GDPR is a new requirement that underpins the protection of your data and privacy and I am required to ensure that you understand why I require information, what I will do with it how I will store, share and maintain your information. This is at the core of my policies of which are also remembered as part of my knowledge and daily routine.

Termination of Contract
One months notice must be given by each party to cancel the contract.

I believe having a core of hours, regular pay and a degree of flexibility is fair as there are often times when parents can also be late or arrive earlier for which is often waived. I appreciate that you have already taken on board a lot of information learning about the foundations of my service, if you would like to see what activities I provide before making a decision on the suitability for your individual circumstances then please read on, my learn and play policy includes this information.

Next step
If you would like me to care for your child/ren then it is now a legal requirement, for everyone’s safety that we agree on a contract, share my policies and complete many other forms before I am allowed to start any care.
Please feel free to discuss any concerns that arise as I encourage open and honest communication; not just to fulfil the requirements but to build a safe and trusting relationship.
The welcome pack is broken into 3 sections

Donna Nevill Childminding Services ~ Ofsted Registration No: EY561944


Group 0
0kg to 10kg
Group 0+
0kg to 13kg
Group 1
9kg to 18kg
Group 2
15kg to 25kg
Group 3
22kg to 36kg
I have 1 isofix
rear facing seat  
1 isofix
2 normal
1 seat up to 36kg
2 booster
Admissions Policy
Registered childminder’s can care for* 3 under 5 year olds and 3 children aged between 5 and 8 years old at any one time, children over 8’s don’t count. I think it is important to explain this for families to understand why various terms apply such as paying for cancellations or not being able to accommodate extra hours. This ensures we have the correct foundations of the business relationship in place right from the start. Its therefore important for both parties to take into account the hours needed, considering travel or if your circumstances may be changing to avoid any disappointment or confusion. Before any childcare can take place, there is a legal requirement to complete a contract and various forms. (See agreements and consents)   
*Continuity of Care - In certain circumstances we can care for 4 under 5 year olds; known as continuity of care, however the amount of under 8 years olds must never exceed 6 children. An example of continuity of care would be if an existing family has a new sibling, or changes their hours and I already care for a total of 3 under 5 year olds. Another example is if I have another child of my own.
In the event of a continuity of care scenario I am required to inform all parents and ask their consent, I must show how I assess risk for the extra child and how I will therefore safely manage and not inhibit the care of any other children.