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Did you know that without a ‘will’ that even if you have been married for many years a partner left behind has to gain permission to sort out any financial matters on your behalf should something fatal happen to you?

Applying for probate is just another demand on a newly grieving person that could be avoided with a correctly written and witnessed ‘will’.

No-one likes to think about their mortality but I can offer a sensitive will writing service, so that in the sad event of you no longer being here firstly, your wishes will known and secondly the time and emotional acceptance of applying for probate may be avoided.   

My fees are £12.50 per hour for the time spent with you drafting from a legal template.

The ‘will’ is typed up free of charge and delivered to you ready to be signed by 2 witnesses who will not be beneficiaries. The 2 witnesses must be present at the same time with you for this to be a legal and binding document.

After that, all you need to do is make its presence known to family members. In some cases the witnesses may need to be a solicitor and so extra fees will be incurred; perhaps you do not know anyone who can be present at the same time.

Please contact me to find out more about this service.

Email or contact 07828 635297