Donna Nevill Childminding Services ~ Ofsted Registration No: EY561944



There is an expectation from the Government that self employed workers run a business that is viable which includes minimum hours and wage.  During Covid this expectation was waived but, this is what has now forced to re-think my terms.

Ironically, FE funded spaces do not cover a settings actual fee, yet alone minimum wage and so in taking FE there are some downsides. While I do not discriminate I do have to think about meeting the needs of all the children currently in my care before accepting the universal government funded places. If I take on free entitlement, as with many other settings, I may ask a contribution towards consumables or set conditions such as needing to take a set amount of hours. Please see my Admission policy for FE which can used the term after the birthday and be as follows


ADHOC Childcare

I am one of the few childcare settings that will even consider ADHOC care and I do this because I like to offer something that really helps families as my drive is not in earning the maximum wage that I can. However, there are disadvantages in providing ADHOC Care that I ask you to consider so that you understand the terms.