My name is Donna and I have been qualified in massage since 2011.

Offering Holistic Treatments is more of a hobby as I am only available for limited appointments around my family and other work commitments. I work in a log cabin at the back of my garden in Tilgate, so while it makes me anxious that you walk through my home, I still invite you to do so and ask from this point you judge only the treatment, I am not a beautician working from a salon.

My log cabin is insulated and has blackout curtains for privacy and to set a dark and peaceful atmosphere, no matter how long a fire has been running before your arrival, at times feel chilly before your treatment starts, but after intensive questioning, feedback confirms how once on the massage table, the warm covers and electric blanket only leaves you, feeling toasty and cosy.

On leaving comments only include how much better they feel.

If you particularly suffer with the cold or any anxiety then please discuss this with me.  


I am a Level 3 Aromatherapy & Massage Therapist, currently continuing professional development as I study Clinical Level Aromatherapy. I am qualified to offer all other treatments listed.

Please contact me on

Text or WhatsApp 07828635297        Email      or find me on facebook

Please note that I only confirm a booking once a consultation form has been completed.

In some ways I’m still a bit old fashioned and outdated with technology so I please ask that you download the form, and ideally return it by WhatsApp.

You can either complete it in word or print off the PDF and take a photo to return.

I am fully aware of my commitment to GDPR and all data is only used to offer a safe treatment using oils and products that work for your individual needs. Sometimes, there are some contraindications that may need adaptions or GP consent. All printed record forms are stored in a locked file box or saved on onedrive or remain in our conversation where you have returned it. Please state if any preference or concern.